Collection: Viva la Vulva

The vulva is present - The vulva is healthy - The vulva is beautiful & The vulva is a pleasure-centre!

However, the normalisation and naturalisation of the absence of the vulva within current socio-cultural, medial and scientific representations brings about anxieties surrounding the presence of the vulva. A present vulva is widely believed to be disgusting, ugly, appalling and filthy. These notions are internalised by so many, causing external genital dissatisfaction that can result in the consumption of genital hygiene products and can bring about (more and more) labia reduction surgeries. Moreover, genital anxieties deeply influence sexual encounters and wider lived experiences, such as low self-esteem and mental health issues.

Therefore, it is vital to actively further the presence of the vulva, so that the 'ideal' vulva is no longer perceived as a 'clean-slit' but as a present, active and healthy body part!


50% of all sales of this print will support Survivors’ Network, the Rape Crisis Centre for Sussex.

Survivors’ Network offers a wide range of support to survivors of all ages and genders, including therapeutic support, a weekly Helpline & Email Service, group work and criminal justice advocacy work. They also train professionals to support survivors and campaign to create community change around issues relating to sexual violence. You can find out more about them here:

Design: Rifka Joan Fehr
Photography: Joshua Read