Collection: I AM EVERY WITCH

The ‘I AM EVERY WITCH’ collection was turned into an exhibition at Villa Vida in Vienna in March 2024.

Together with Jasmijn Stam, who co-curated the exhibition, we sought to illuminate the systemic gender* biases embedded within the concept of ‘witch’. The collection aims to delve into the modern-day symbolism of ‘witchcraft’ in our European patriarchal society. 

Through the new vivavulva artwork, we invite you to challenge preconceived notions and consider what 'witchy' qualities you may possess in a world that often fears and marginalizes differences.

On the vivavulva instagram page you can experience the digital version of the exhibition.


*Discourses around witches embody a binary approach to gender (which in itself was utilised as a form of oppression). We broaden the definition of female/women to female-presenting bodies, self-identifying women and other marginalised bodies